Volume 4 Issue 1


Japanese Government Actions Against COVID-19 Under the Directives of Constitutional and Administrative Law

Yuichiro Tsuji

Coups, Constitutional Democracy, and the Rule of Law: Why Africans Must Care

John Mukum Mbaku

The Ethics of Asymmetric Warfare

Dr. Waseem Ahmad Qureshi

Blockchain, Disintermediation and the Future of the Legal Professions

Paola Heudebert & Claire Leveneur

Escape from Plurality:

Why the Best Interest of the Child is  at Risk

Nicole Wren Friedlander


Should They Stay, or Should They Go?

Statue Politics in Shifting Societies: The Permissibility of Peacetime Removal, Alteration and Destruction of Problematic Political Monuments in the United States

Adrienne Liebenberg Nel

Time for Change:

How Google's Anticompetitive Conduct Reveals the Deficiencies of Modern Antitrust Regulation

Benjamin Clay Hughes

Volume 4 Issue 2


The Assassin Was Not Insane: The Acquittal of the Assassin of a Genocide's Architect as Symbolic Jury Nullification

Christian G. Ohanian

A Philosophical Inquiry into the Concept of Territorial Sovereignty: A New Analytical Framework of the Territorial Disputes in the China Seas

Henan Hu

Can Investment Dispute Settlement Ever Be Depoliticized?

Fernando Dias Simões

Social Rights and the Welfare State: A Necessary Relation

Mario Santiago Juarez

Learning from Experience: Comparing Legal Approaches to Foreign Bribery and Modern Slavery

Hannah Harris and Justine Nolan

The Recent Changes Introduced to the Method of Removal of Judges of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh & the Consequent Triumph of an All-Powerful Executive Over the Judiciary: Judicial Independence in Peril

M. Ehteshamul Bari

California's Autonomy Under the Clean Air Act: Does EPA Have the Authority to Withdraw an Emissions Standards Waiver?

Ethan Siegel


India's Aadhaar Card - A Violation of Indian Citizen's Right to Privacy

Sonal Chhugani

Applicability of International Schemes of Legal Safeguards in Physician Assisted Suicide to Future United States Policy

Annie M. Bonazzi

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