Volume 4 Issue 1


Japanese Government Actions Against COVID-19 Under the Directives of Constitutional and Administrative Law

Yuichiro Tsuji

Coups, Constitutional Democracy, and the Rule of Law: Why Africans Must Care

John Mukum Mbaku

The Ethics of Asymmetric Warfare

Dr. Waseem Ahmad Qureshi

Blockchain, Disintermediation and the Future of the Legal Professions

Paola Heudebert & Claire Leveneur

Escape from Plurality:

Why the Best Interest of the Child is  at Risk

Nicole Wren Friedlander


Should They Stay, or Should They Go?

Statue Politics in Shifting Societies: The Permissibility of Peacetime Removal, Alteration and Destruction of Problematic Political Monuments in the United States

Adrienne Liebenberg Nel

Time for Change:

How Google's Anticompetitive Conduct Reveals the Deficiencies of Modern Antitrust Regulation

Benjamin Clay Hughes

Volume 4 Issue 2

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