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Volume 6 Issue 1


The Debate Surrounding The Company Purpose In The Post- Pandemic Age
Leon Anidjar

The Law and Finance Of Infrastructure
Daisuke Asaoka

Lives In The Balance: Targeting and Civilian

Comparative Value

Christopher F. Melling

Natural Resource Governance In Qing China:
Lineage Institutions and The Making Of Common Property Regimes
Jason Jia-Xi Wu

A Comparative Look At The Response To
Organized Crime In The Ports Of New York-New Jersey And Vancouver

Julia Pjevach


Sanctions, Financial Regulation, and Crypto In Latin America 
Camilla Oliva

Solitary Confinement: What The United States
Can Learn From England and Norway

Markus Wieshofer

Volume 6 Issue 2


Palestinian Women and Housing Laws in Israel: A Case Study of Legal and Epistemic Injustice 
Yael Cohen-Rimer

Sonderkommando In Canada: Canada's First World War II War Crimes Trial, 1951-56
Joseph Kary

Production and Global Dissemination of Chinese Legal Ideology: Implications for the Study of Illiberalism 
Samuli Seppänen

Corruption and Judges' Personal Independence in the Judiciary of Bangladesh: One Bad Apple Can Spoil the Bunch
S M Solaiman


Gender Registration & International Law: Are Gender Markers Necessary?
Mika D'Angelo

Lipstick & The Law: An Exploration of the American and French Statutory Protections Against Makeup Mandates in the Workplace
Kira Dennis

The Hague Convention on International Parental Kidnapping: Still the Best Hope for Children?
Katherine Jenkins

An Examination of U.S. and U.K. Procedures Governing Sexual Misconduct Investigations in Universities 
Marc Siegel 

Volume 6 Issue 3


A Comparative Case Against Criminalizing IP Infringements in the UK and China
Dennis J. Baker & Xiaoxiao Wang

Learning from Guantánamo: Avoiding Legal Black Holes in Outer Space
Mia Bonardi

Power and Persuasion in the Courtroom: The Force of Law and the Settlement Dynamics of Judges
Hadas Cohen & Michal Alberstein

Should I Stay or Should I Go: The Evolution of Emergency Arbitration Procedure Within Private International Law
Katarina Resar Krasulova

Loss Causation by Statutory Presumption: Event Studies and the Korean Securities Litigation
Joon Buhm Lee


Tracking Heritage: Addressing Cultural Property Crime Through Recordation on the Blockchain
Richard de Schweinitz

Integrating Cultural Property Law Doctrine into the Nazi-Looted Art Restitution Legal Framework
Julia Vastano

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