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Volume 5 Issue 1


Conflicting Limitation Periods: A Comparison Between Hong Kong and Mainland China
Alan Gibb & King Fung Tsang 

What is Wrong with Intimate Partner Abuse and Why its Criminalization Might Not be Right
Galia Schneebaum

Striking the Balance Between Contractual Rights and Obligations: Restructured Contract Law in the Newly Enacted Chinese Civil Code

Mo Zhang

Transforming Affirmative Action Jurisprudence: Applying Eidelson's Theory on the Supreme Court of India
Sawinder Singh

Title VII Prohibits Employment Discrimination. . . Except When it Doesn't: Eliminating the Small Firm Exemption
Hayley Bronner


The Right to Dine: Why New York City's Restaurant Culture is Worth Saving
Evelyn Baert

Climate Reparations: Moral, Historical, and Legal Justifications for United States Reparations Payments to Female Population Groups in Developing Countries
Kate Belsito

Hamiltonian Shifts in State Aid and the Coming Breakdown of the Internal Market: Can the European Union Survive its COVID-19 Response?
Richard Dacher

Volume 5 Issue 2


Tightwire of National Interests and Publicity in the Evolved Process of Democratization and Constitutional Transformation: Lessons from Taiwan
Hsin-Hsuan Lin

Remedying Online Shaming
Miriam Marcowitz-Bitton & Hillel Sommer

The Global Red Scare and The Anti-Worker Repressive Model, 1913-1927

Christopher M. Roberts

Same as it Ever was: the Tijuana River Sewage Crisis, Non-State Actors, and the State

James M. Cooper

Rule of Law and International Human Rights

Vincent J. Samar


A Bull in a China Shop: How Cfius Made TikTok a National Security Problem

Adina Feder

Polarization and Reform: Rethinking Separation of Emergency Powers

Kevin Rizzo

Water Privatization and the Case for a Public Model

Jessica Wang

Volume 5 Issue 3


A Sheep In Wolf's Clothing: Assessing The Dangerous, Hidden, and Increasing Defects of the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act

David Jonas & Erielle Davidson

Human Dignity as a Chameleon

Ariel L. Bendor & Michal Tamir

Sex Work Is Real Work: The Implications of U.S. Strippers Winning the Right to Unionize, An International Comparative Study

Katherine Fustich

Getting to PHI: The Case For Excusatory Derogations From ICCPR Rights

Benjamen Franklen Gussen


Advance to the Nearest Dispensary: How Quebec's Marijuana Monopoly is a Model For Future Legalized States

Jason Levine

Crime Doesn't Pay But Neither Can Ex-Offenders: A Comparative Analysis of Criminal Restitution in the United States and Canada

Justin Gendler

Duty to Rescue in the Digital Age: A Comparative Analysis

Cameron Kellett

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