Volume 5 Issue 1


Conflicting Limitation Periods: A Comparison Between Hong Kong and Mainland China
Alan Gibb & King Fung Tsang 

What is Wrong with Intimate Partner Abuse and Why its Criminalization Might Not be Right
Galia Schneebaum

Striking the Balance Between Contractual Rights and Obligations: Restructured Contract Law in the Newly Enacted Chinese Civil Code

Mo Zhang

Transforming Affirmative Action Jurisprudence: Applying Eidelson's Theory on the Supreme Court of India
Sawinder Singh

Title VII Prohibits Employment Discrimination. . . Except When it Doesn't: Eliminating the Small Firm Exemption
Hayley Bronner


The Right to Dine: Why New York City's Restaurant Culture is Worth Saving
Evelyn Baert

Climate Reparations: Moral, Historical, and Legal Justifications for United States Reparations Payments to Female Population Groups in Developing Countries
Kate Belsito

Hamiltonian Shifts in State Aid and the Coming Breakdown of the Internal Market: Can the European Union Survive its COVID-19 Response?
Richard Dacher