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Volume 7  Issue 1


Are Holocaust Denial Laws and Critical Race Theory Bans the Same?
Rob Kahn

Rulers, Victims, Educators, or Partners? Judges' Perception of Their Relationship with Lawyers
Boaz Shnoor & Eyal Katvan

Authoritarian International Law: An Unfinished Research Odyssey
Roda Mushkat

"Who Are the Landlords Here?" - Group Rights in the Age of Populism: Jewish Ownership of Symbolic and Geographic Space in Israel
Meital Pinto

The Chinese Balloon Incident and Partisanism in International Law
Samuli Seppänen


Holocaust Denial Legislation in the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, and the United States: How the Law Prsently Addresses the Issue and Proprosals for Reform
Madeline Epstein

Taxing Wealth: A Comparative Analysis of National Wealth Taxes and How a Federal Wealth Tax Can Overcome Administrative Challenges  
Jason Nadboy

Against the Current: Charting a New Course for Human Rights in Sustainable Fisheries Management 
James H. Stitt

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