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Recent Print Issue: Volume 6 Issue 3


Dennis J. Baker & Xiaoxiao Wang

In this Article, it is argued comparatively that across the world intellectual property rights have been expanded to the point of absurdity. Beyond lengthy monopoly protections being backed up with prison sentences of up to ten years in both China and the UK...

Hadas Cohen & Michal Alberstein

This Article seeks to describe the shift in the legitimation of judicial authority in the age of the "vanishing trial," in circumstances where adjudication on the merits of the case in question has been replaced by the promotion of judicial settlement. Based on data collected during a five-year study funded...

Joon Buhm Lee

In the United States, event studies are ubiquitous in securities fraud litigations. This is not so, in South Korea (hereinafter referred to as "Korea"). Unlike the United States where event studies in a securities fraud class action may even be conducted twice to show both reliance and...

Mia Bonardi

"Legal black holes" are spaces beyond the reach of enforceable law and thus inflict people within their pull with "rightlessness." The term "legal black hole" arose originally around the Guantánamo Bay detention center, but it has since been used...

Katarina Resar Krasulova

The emergency arbitration procedure is widely and ever increasingly used by parties around the world. Because of that, the main question in the past decade has shifted from whether emergency arbitration will endure, to how it is that emergency proceedings...


Integrating Cultural Property Law Doctrine into the Nazi-Looted Art Restitution Legal Framework


Julia Vastano

Tracing Heritage: Addressing Cultural Property Crime Through Recordation on the Blockchain

Richard de Schweinitz

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